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PyBites Introductory Bites Course

In this course, taught by Bob Belderbos (Python instructor and co-founder of PyBites), you learn how to write Python code.

This is not just a video course to watch or a book to passively read. We'll have you writing code from the get-go.

You will get stuck! Expect to hit roadblocks ("Why does my code fail?", "Why do the tests fail?!"). This is EXACTLY what you need to become confident in Python.

So yes, we will teach you the concepts, and we'll solve the 10 Introductory Bite exercises together, but this course works best if you are willing to put in the effort to attempt the exercises yourself first.

The reward is more than worth it: not only do you get a better feel (mindset) for writing Python but having this experience and the practical idioms / tricks up your sleeves, will make you more confident in your coding skills.

Ah and by the way, you'll earn your first PyBites Ninja Belt (White) and the PyBites Beginner Certificate in the process!

Most people that got to this point built the necessary basics to go all in and, over the ensuing months coded Python projects and landed software jobs. That's the power of our exercises: they prepare you well!

If you're after specifics, in this course you will learn about conditionals, looping, work with basic data structures, list comprehensions, commonly used string manipulation methods, asking a user for input, string formatting and f-strings, basic exception handling, counting numbers, namedtuples, a bit of regular expressions, zip, enumerate, and more ...

We will teach you why some solutions are better than others and dig up golden nuggets from our Bite forums.

We are really excited to present this distilled knowledge in an accessible way that will get you results fast.

What are you waiting for? Let's get coding!

* This offer includes our 25 Newbie Bite bundle in case you need a full walk through of the fundamental building blocks of Python.